• has taught students for 6+ years
  • native Malay speaker
  • speak English (C2), Japanese (C1) and Spanish (A2)

About your teacher

Meet Ammar, an experienced Malay language teacher with more than 5 years of helping language lovers on a cool language adventure. He comes from the nice town of Kuantan in Pahang, representing the cool culture of Malaysia. Besides enjoying the beauty of their home, Ammar is really good with languages, speaking Japanese at a high level, English, and a little Spanish.

What makes Ammar stand out is his cool way of teaching. Instead of sticking to boring textbooks, Ammar likes to make learning Malay fun and practical. In his lively lessons, they make the language come alive, so students can handle real-life situations with ease.

Ammar’s teaching journey shows how much he loves languages as ways to connect with others. He is all about bridging the gap between cultures and helping students overcome language challenges. With a friendly smile and a strong commitment to his students’ progress, Ammar is a language education champ, one chat at a time.