This timeline projection is based on 2 hours per week lesson frequency. Every student is unique (some students are fast-learners), therefore can vary from one student to another. Doing revision prior to the next lesson is essential in order for students to make progress

Lesson pricing & packages

See or book lesson package here

Our Focus

  • Widen vocabulary range based on themes
  • Conversational skills (speaking & listening)
  • Commonly used grammar & sentence structures

Study Materials

  • Lesson notes (Google slides)
  • No textbook is needed
  • Pre-lesson tasks (Module book) - coming soon


  • Preferred: Skype
  • Other options: Zoom, Google Meet
  • Can be discussed during trial lesson

Lesson length & frequency

  • For students who are not in an environment where Malay is spoken, we encourage 2-3 sessions per week
  • For students who can practice Malay where they are, 1 session per week is acceptable
  • Length of each session can be 30, 45 and 60 minutes. This is up to the student which length works the best