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 What our students say...

Ammar is my first and only Malay teacher since I started learning languages. I have continued to learn from him because of his in-depth knowledge in the Malay language, as well as his professional and friendly disposition. I have progressed from knowing essentially nothing in Malay to being able to speak confidently at an intermediate (B1) level. Therefore I now have the ability to independently converse in Malay without much issue, for example, at the post office or when buying food. There are hardly any materials out there for people who want to learn colloquial Malay, but Ammar creates his own materials, and I have benefited immensely from them. I am also currently learning formal Malay, and I have been translating English passages to formal Malay with the help of Ammar. Ammar is also extremely flexible about what I plan to do for a particular lesson. Terima kasih Ammar! (Thank you Ammar!)

Ammar is a great help in my Malay learning journey. He has great self-created materials that he shares with his students. Each lesson follows his structured plan to teach me spoken Malay, but he is still super flexible to explain and teach special focus topics when I have questions. I would completely recommend him to everyone who is interested in learning spoken Malay! I am already looking forward to my next lesson with him!

Another great lesson. Since beginning classes with Ammar, I've seen great improvement in my Malay ability and am much more comfortable in conversations. Whether you're an absolute beginner or just need some structure and accountability to keep improving, I highly recommend Ammar. His patience and relaxed teaching style make for a safe, comfortable language-learning environment.

Cameron, USA

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(60 lessons)


Andreas, Germany

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(22 lessons)


Chad, Singapore

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(138 lessons)


Unlock Malaysia’s heart with the melody of Malay 

Note that all lessons can be extended to 45 minutes or 1 hour with some additional fee when booking is done

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  • In-class activities
  • Conversation practice

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